The Assignment:

The goal of this assignment is to move you toward a formal draft of your paper.

For this assignment, you should work from your notes and outlines to generate a draft of your paper, one that is as close to a finished version of your essay as you can produce at this time. Although your main goal is to flesh out the structure you created in your outline, don't be afraid to reorganize or even abandon the outline structure if it seems less satisfactory once you start writing. Since you will be receiving feedback, this is a great time to experiment: with different structures (sub-headings? Transitions? Quotes?) and strategies of development (comparison/contrast? Figurative language? Definition?). Remember to keep in mind the problematics of opposing opinion and to factor issues of concession, rebuttal, and qualification into your overall plan.

If you are having a hard time organizing such a large project, consider dividing it (or your notes) into sections and then writing each section independently first - leaving the task of integrating them to a later stage in the drafting (or revising) process. This strategy also might be a helpful way to subvert writer's block - write from your strength first, rather than writing in order. You might also decide to keep a "supplement" file on your computer - instead of cutting and deleting pieces of writing that didn't quite fit, save them for possible use later. In any event, use your thesis as a touchstone: as you get involved in the more intricate details of your essay, keep asking yourself: am I still proving the same thesis? Does the reader need to be reminded of my thesis at this point?

Finally, after you've finished drafting, write a brief note to append on the front of the paper for your readers (both myself and your peer reader) - this note should also be posted on PanFora when you attach your draft there. In this note, you should reflect on the status of your draft (polished? really rough?) as well as any points you particularly want input on (i.e. does the allusion to O.J. Simpson work? Is the point in the middle of page 6 clear? Do I need to quote this source or is a paraphrase okay? Do you like the conclusion, or is it too wishy-washy?). This note will help your readers tailor their responses to your specific questions and concerns.

Due Date

Monday, November 10th- post under Personal Work and also bring 1 print-out to class


Preliminary Reading
Envision ch. 6
For this assignment you should expand your research outline into a first draft of your research paper. This draft should be as polished as possible; you should consider this not a rough draft, but a first draft or first version of your paper. Accordingly, it should have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion - and it should be in complete sentences. It is recommended, but not required, that you include quotations and appropriate parenthetical citations for your sources. You do not need to include your bibliography (unless you want to have it proof-read). The draft should be typed and double spaced and should have page numbers. Don't forget to append a note to the beginning of your draft for your readers - this note should serve as the message for your POST when you post the draft as an attachment in PanFora.
This installment in the Research Project will be used primarily for peer review and will be graded s/nc.