The Assignment:

For this assignment, you should revise your previous draft into as close to a finished version of your essay as possible. Your peer reviewer and I will be looking at this draft specifically for the coherence of the argument, the use of sources, the integration of quotes, the documentation of source material, the effective use of visual rhetoric, and the overall style of your writing. It is possible that Draft #2 will differ substantially in structure or focus than your first draft: your overall goal should be producing an effective argument, not simply making slight alterations to your paper's existing form.

As with your first draft, please append a note to your readers - this note should also be posted on Panfora. In this note, you should reflect on the status of your draft (polished? still rough?) as well as any points you particularly want input on: i.e. "I'm have difficulty structuring the main body of my argument, what do you think?"; "Am I representing opposing opinion fairly ? Is it undercutting my argument?"; "Does my introduction set the right tone for the paper?"; "I've foregrounded my argument more -- does this work?"

Be sure to post your second draft to Panfora (with your note) as well as printing out two copies to bring to class with you on the 17th.

Due Date

Monday, November 17th - post as an attachment under Personal Work on PanFora and also bring 2 print-outs to class


Preliminary Reading
  • Envision ch. 6
  • Student models (from Envision and from the Boothe essays)
This draft should represent a revision of Research Draft #1. Accordingly, it should follow the same format guidelines: it should be as polished as possible; it should have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. It is recommended, but not required, that you include quotations and appropriate parenthetical citations. If possible, you should include your visuals in this draft; make sure they have captions and are properly cited. You do not need to include your bibliography (unless you want to have it proof-read). The draft should be typed and double spaced and should have page numbers. This draft will be used in peer review and as the basis for our final conferences. This assignment will be marked s/nc.