The Assignment:

The goal of this assignment is to help you organize your thoughts and thereby expedite the writing of your first draft. You will find that once you have been forced to write down and articulate the structure of your paper, the actual writing process will be much easier. Although your outline does not permanently commit you to any specific essay structure, it is in your best interests to try to make a serious effort at creating a viable organization for your paper.

Read the section in the MLA Guide on outlining (section 1.8). Now create a sentence outline for your paper. Wherever possible, try to indicate in your outline where you might use your sources -- including direct quotes if you can. Quotes inserted in this assignment do not have to be documented in any formal way, although you should keep track of the sources yourself.

Be aware of the placement of items in your outline/essay. Strategize: Consider what point will have the most effect in which place -- think about the “narrative” of your argument. If you are taking notes on note cards, consider arranging them in various orders to experiment with different outline formats.

This assignment should be posted as an attachment in your personal space when completed.

Due Date

Friday, November 7

Preliminary Reading

*Envision, ch. 6

* MLA section 1.8


Post as an attachment under Personal Work

This should be a “sentence outline”; in other words, where possible use complete sentences. You may need to disengage the auto-outlining feature in Microsoft Word to fulfill this assignment. Be sure to include your thesis statement in your outline in the appropriate place. The outline should be no shorter than 2 pages; there is no upward limit on page length.

This installment in the Research Project will be graded s/nc.