Final Reflection Letter
The Assignment:

We have covered a lot of ground in class this quarter, and this is your time to reflect on your personal growth as a writer and on your experiences in PWR. In your letter, you should talk about each of the major assignments that you worked on this quarter (rhetorical analysis, contextual analysis, and research paper), your experiences with them, and then you should reflect on your strengths as a writer as as you now see them. Also, please comment on the development of your understanding of visual rhetoric and how you feel this understanding will inform your future work at Stanford and beyond.

When you have completed this assignment, post it and the letter under PERSONAL WORK on Panfora and turn it in to the box outside my office by 5pm on Friday the 5th, along with any revised essays (and cover letters).

Due Dates

Friday, December 5, to the box outside my office (rm 335, bldg. 460)



Post under Personal Work and hand-in a print out as well.

Your final reflection letter should be approximately one to two pages in length.