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w 9-24

  • CLASS TOPIC: Introduction: What is PWR? What is Visual Rhetoric?
f 9-26
  • CLASS TOPIC: Images, Words, and Images & Words; Thinking about audience and purpose; Introduction to Wallenberg.
  • READING DUE: Envision preface & ch. 1 (you are not responsible for supplementary reading or exercises contained in the chapters)
    • Turn in your Student information/goals sheet
    • Surf the class website, read over the syllabus and class schedule, and come to class with any questions about class assignments, requirements, etc.

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m 9-29
w 10-1
f 10-3
  • CLASS TOPIC: Performing a rhetorical analysis
  • READING DUE: A student model of a rhetorical analysis from the On-line Reader (you can read them all if you're feeling particularly confused or ambitious); optional - Envision ch. 3 p. 7-13 on thesis statements.

events this week:

Tuesday, October 7, 4-6pm & Wednesday, October 8, 7-9pm, SWC: Research Forums: a celebration of outstanding oral/multimedia research presentations by last year's PWR students. Please attend one of these sessions. Recommended for section 1; required (with a reflection in the writer's log) for section 3 (section 3 can opt to attend the Symposium on Undergraduate Research in Progress instead)

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m 10-6


w 10-8
  • CLASS TOPIC: Tour of the Hoover archives; meet on the steps of the Hoover tower 5 minutes before the start of class
  • READING DUE: Explore the Hoover website
f 10-10
sun 10-12
  • Yes, I know it's Sunday
  • ASSIGNMENT DUE: Library Topic Form (post in the appropriate section folder under "Library Topic Forms" in PanFora) by NOON

events this week:

Thursday, October 16th, Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
Symposium of Undergraduate Research in Progress. The Symposium of Undergraduate Research in Progress (SURP) is a forum for Stanford undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the broader university community. Undergraduates from all disciplines will present their current and recent academic projects, showcasing the diversity of topics, approaches, and interests at Stanford.

Friday, October 17th, 2-3:30pm- Reunion Homecoming Celebration at the Writing Center (building 460-020). Hear current students and alums read from recent work and work written at Stanford. Attendance optional.

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m 10-13
  • CLASS TOPIC: Web research and evaluating websites
  • READING DUE: Envision ch. 5
  • WRITING DUE: Rhetorical Analysis revision (print out and post - turn in in a FOLDER)
  • ASSIGNMENT DUE: Complete at least the first 3 modules of SKIL
w 10-15
  • CLASS TOPIC: Library Workshop - meet in the lobby of Green by the red fountain 5 minutes before the start of class. Bring your ID.
  • WRITING DUE: Evaluation of chapter 5
  • ASSIGNMENT DUE: You should have completed all 6 modules of SKIL before our workshop
f 10-17
  • CLASS TOPIC: Evaluating Sources, continued; Taking notes & Avoiding Plagiarism; Library Workshop follow-up
  • READING DUE: Review the Abstract & Preliminary Bibliography assignment -- bring any questions about the assignment to class today.

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m 10-20
w 10-22
f 10-24



event this week:
Wednesday, October 29, Noon-1:30pm: How I Write: Professor Estelle Freedman, professor of U.S. History. This event will take place in the Writing Center (building 460, room 020) .Don't forget: you have a "How I Write" Assignment that you must complete before Thanksgivingr.

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m 10-27
  • CLASS TOPIC: Defining your own argumentative stance; Peer Review
  • READING DUE: Your own sources
  • WRITING DUE: Contextual assignment: drafts 2 (print b/w & also post)
w 10-29
  • CLASS TOPIC: Approaches to organization: the basics
  • READING DUE: Your own sources; Boothe Prize Essays
f 10-31
  • CLASS TOPIC: Introductions and Conclusions; Determining a way into your argument
  • READING DUE: Your own sources; Boothe Prize Essays
  • WRITING DUE: Contextual assignment: portfolio (print & also post)

event this week:
Thursday, November 6th, 7-8:30pm. How I Write: Don Barr, Professor of Sociology. This event will take place in the Writing Center (460-020). Don't forget: you have a "How I Write" Assignment that you must complete before Thanksgiving.

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m 11-3
w 11-5
  • CLASS TOPIC: Experimenting with organization; integrating source material
  • READING DUE: Your own sources; Boothe Prize Essay from 2000-2001 - Jacqueline Lew, "Sleeping Beauty on Exhibition"
f 11-7

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m 11-10
  • CLASS TOPIC: Integrating opposing opinion; rebuttal, backing, concession/qualification
  • READING DUE: Envision, chapter 6 - remainder of the chapter
  • WRITING DUE:Research Draft #1 (print 1 copy & also post)
w 11-12
  • CLASS TOPIC: Peer Review; Using visuals effectively in your argument
  • WRITING DUE: Peer Review forms (print out)
  • ASSIGNMENT DUE: Feedback on Envision, ch. 6
f 11-14

events this week:

Monday, November 17- How I Write: Dr. David Rasch, Director of the Help Center. 7-8:30pm in the Stanford Writing Center (building 460-020), Don't forget: you have a "How I Write" Assignment that you must complete before Thanksgiving.

image source: Allison Woo, "Slaying the Dragon"

m 11-17
w 11-19
f 11-21
  • CLASS TOPIC: Draft workshopping
  • WRITING DUE: PanFora peer review of Draft 2 from last week's peer review partner

image source: Eugene Smith, "The Labyrinthian Walk"

m 11-24
w 11-26 NO CLASS
f 11-28 NO CLASS

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m 12-1
w 12-3


f 12-5



  • Section 1-1: Class reflection letter (must be received by 5pm); Section 1H-3: annotated Writer's log with class reflection letter included
  • Any revised essays with cover letters