I am a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the Thinking Matters program at Stanford University. I will be co-teaching Breaking Codes, Finding Patterns in the fall of 2018, and Worlds of Sound: Learning to Listen in 2019. In the 2016-2017 school year I co-taught the Breaking Codes, Findings Patterns; Why So Few? Gender and Diversity in Leadership; and Food Talks: The Language of Food courses. 2017-2018 I taught Worlds of Sound: Learning to Listen and 100,000 Years of War. I received my bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Language, Cognition, and Computation (Independent Major) from Vassar College in 2009 and my master's degree in Linguistics from UC Berkeley in 2011. I completed my Ph.D. in Linguistics at UC Berkeley in 2016.

I study the interaction of language and cognition from a cognitive/functional perspective; I study cognitive semantics and my research interests focus on the interaction between metaphor and grammar, co-speech gesture, signed languages, and spatial cognition I am also involved with the MetaNet project, working on developing metaphor and construction analyses in a corpus linguistics approach.

Indy in a box
Indy's research interests include the quantum mechanics of cardboard boxes.