My ultimate goal for this assignment was to create visual music that flowed well, but wasn’t entirely predictable.  I also used this assignment as an opportunity to explore my synesthesia.  I have always associated certain images, colors, and shapes with sounds, but I always found it difficult to peg down the exact images I saw when I heard noise.

For this project, I used a simple but expressive clip from “Americana” by Jay Gruska.  I began by choosing a shape for each single key stroke; for this soft song, circles seemed appropriate.  Because the music is peaceful, I chose to arrange the circles in a hexagonal shape, which is very symmetrical and floral.  From there, I was able to focus almost all of my attention on choosing different colors for different notes.  I discovered that the shade of a note (in my mind) depends upon its pitch; the higher the pitch, the lighter the color.  I also seemed to loosely associate the mood of the chords with the hue of the circles.

My project is an attempt at a monophony, because no sound exists without an accompanying change in imagery.  Unfortunately, when I converted the video, the timing became a little bit off, so it’s accidentally a heterophony.