Takuya (Tak) Iwamura, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar,
Department of Biology &
Department of Environmental Earth System Science
Stanford University
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Welcome to my page. I currently work with Dr Jose Fragoso and Prof. Eric Lambin at Stanford University on land use change of the indiginous communities in Guyana. I apply the framework of social-ecological systems (SESs) to understand the feedback mechanism between land use and ecological sustainability (forest cover and biodiversity). I am also associated with Prof. Rodolfo Dirzo.

I finished my PhD on conservation biogeography with Prof Hugh Possingham as my main advisor at the University of Queensland in 2012. I worked with Dr Richard Fuller before moving to California.

Research interests:
  • Social-ecological systems (SESs)
  • Spatial analysis
  • Household level modeling (Agent-based modeling)
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Biodiversity conservatin
Selected/recent publications:
  • Iwamura, T., E.F. Lambin, K.M. Silvius, J.B. Luzar, J.M.V. Fragoso (in press) Agent-based modeling of hunting and subsistence agriculture on indigenous lands: understanding interactions between social and ecological systems, Environmental Modelling & Software
  • Iwamura, T., R.A. Fuller, H.P. Possingham (in press) Optimal management of a multispecies shorebird flyway under sea-level rise, Conservation Biology
  • Watson, J.E.M., T. Iwamura*, N. Butt (2013) Mapping vulnerability and conservation action in a time of climate change. Nature Climate Chagne. 3 989-944 *Credit as a leading author
  • Iwamura, T., A. Guisan,  K.A.Wilson, H.P. Possingham (2013)  How robust are global conservation priorities to climate change? Global Environmental Change, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2013.07.016  
  • Iwamura, T., H.P. Possingham, I. Chadès, C. Minton, N.J. Murray, D.I. Rogers, E. Treml, R.A. Fuller (2013)  Migratory connectivity magnifies the consequences of habitat loss from sea level rise for shorebird populations. Proceedings of Royal Society B 280 1761  10.1098/rspb.2013.0325
  • Iwamura T., K.A. Wilson, O. Venter and H.P. Possingham (2010) A climatic stability approach to prioritizing global conservation investments. PlosONE 5 (11): e1510
  • Naidoo R. and T. Iwamura. (2007) Global-scale mapping of economic benefits from agricultural lands: Implications for conservation priorities. Biological Conservation. 140 (1-2): 40-49

Koala catching and tagging, Queensland, Australia, 2010
News in 2012:
I freely provide global agricultural opportunity cost dataset (Naidoo & Iwamura 2007) here.
I open this pgae in May 2012
I moved to Califronai in Jan 2012

Lambin lab,
Department of Environmental Earth System Science,
Stanford University,
Y2E2 Bldg. (350), 473 Via Ortega, Stanford, California 94305, U.S.A
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