talia blum

Sloan Hall, 381L

I am a third year math graduate student at Stanford. My advisor is Daniel Bump. I am supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
I am also a visual artist.


  1. On Class Numbers, Torsion Subgroups, and Quadratic Twists of Elliptic Curves (with C. Choi, A. Hoey, J. Iskander, K. Lakein, T.C. Martinez), Transactions of the AMS. 2022. arXiv.
  2. Dynamical moduli spaces and polynomial endomorphisms of configurations (with J.R. Doyle, T. Hyde, C. Kelln, H. Talbott, M. Weinreich), Arnold Math. Journal. 2022. arXiv.


I am co-organizing the Stanford math directed reading program.
I am on the board of the Stanford Women in Math Mentoring program.



My mathematical art has been exhibited at the the 2020, 2021, and 2023 JMM Mathematical Art Exhibitions. It also resides in the MIT 18.900 lecture notes, which I was comissioned to illustrate.
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My non-mathematical work has been displayed at the Heckscher Museum, the MIT Compton Gallery, Boston HUBWeek, and the MIT Trashion Show, and I currently have three murals on display in the MIT tunnels. I also helped design the MIT 2021 brass rat.

My portfolio is here.

about me

In February 2021, I graduated from MIT with a B.S. in mathematics and minor in computer science.
When I'm not doing math, you can find me knitting, painting, rock climbing, swing dancing, making pickles, hiking, and/or listening to music.

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