assignment2: "HumScorch"

HumScorch” is a piece that means to submerge the listener in the space between wind and fire.  Figuratively, I interpret this as moving between several layers of sound until properly situated right between those two elements.  Literally, this means exploring the acoustic, the digitally modified, the digital, the noisy and active, the resonant and benign. 
I made several recordings to assemble these sounds: tapping fingernails on thick stone pillars, waving drumsticks across different grates and gates, passing by several motors, bikes, and fountains.  Only a few of these are featured in the piece, the most prominently featured being the sound achieved by a lower octave of piano strings responding to a vibrating cell phone and keys laying between the keys.  With these sounds I used FL Studio 9 for pitch-bending, filtering, volume automations and transitions, etc. etc.  The sound of the piano strings (as well as many others) would be extremely abrasive to the ear without the digital editing: what else can you expect from the sounds of fire?
Hopefully, this is a kind of sonic voyeurism for listeners.  It should sting the ear yet sound resonant; the sound should surround listeners radially, then come directly before them, and slip away into the distance again—almost as if it all is what the process of combustion slowed to quarter-speed sounds like.