Timothy Dozat

I'm a Ph.D. student in the Linguistics Department at Stanford University. I work in the Natural Language Processing Group, advised by Chris Manning. I'm a member of the team that designed the Universal Dependencies standard and released the EWT dependency corpus. My dissertation is about building better neural dependency parsers.

Email: [t+last name]@stanford.edu


  • Stanford's Graph-based Neural Dependency Parser at the CoNLL 2017 Shared Task
    Timothy Dozat, Peng Qi, Christopher D. Manning.
    CoNLL conference paper, 2017.
    [paper] [poster] [presentation] [code] [models]
  • Deep Biaffine Attention for Neural Dependency Parsing.
    Timothy Dozat, Christopher D. Manning.
    ICLR conference paper, 2017.
    [paper] [poster] [code] [model]
  • Incorporating Nesterov Momentum into Adam.
    Timothy Dozat.
    ICLR workshop paper, 2016.
  • A Gold Standard Dependency Corpus for English.
    Natalia Silveira, Timothy Dozat, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Sam Bowman, Miriam Connor, John Bauer, Christopher Manning.
    LREC, 2014.
  • Universal Stanford dependencies: A cross-linguistics typology.
    Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Natalia Silveira, Timothy Dozat, Christopher Manning.
    LREC, 2014.
  • More constructions, more genres: Extending Stanford Dependencies.
    Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Miriam Connor, Natalia Silveira, Sam Bowman, Timothy Dozat, Christopher Manning.
    DepLing, 2013.