Principal Investigator

David S. Paik, PhD        Curriculum Vitae
Principal Investigator

David Paik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at Stanford University. He did his doctoral work in biomedical informatics at Stanford focusing on computer aided interpretation of medical images including anatomic modeling, visualization and computer aided diagnosis. He is currently working on several major projects that focus on bringing a quantitative and principled approach to medical image analysis with the ultimate goal of integrating image-derived information with other biomedical information sources.

Research Staff

Frezghi Habte, PhD
Image Quantitation Specialist

Frezghi Habte is an image quantitation specialist with the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford. He works on various aspects of image quantitation assisting users of the small animal imaging laboratory with their image quantitation, visualiation and modeling needs.

Graduate Students

Kranthi Kode
Graduate Student - Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering

Kranthi Kode is working on several projects related in nanomedicine informatics. He is developing novel methods for unmixing signals from multiplexed Raman nanoparticles. He is also developing novel interfaces for searching and retrieving structured nanoparticle characterization data.

Tiffany Liu
Graduate Student - Biomedical Informatics

Tiffany Liu is working on building computational resources for quantitative imaging biomarker research. She is also working on building mathematical models of the immune system response to oncogene inactivation.

Chinyere Nwabugwu
Graduate Student - Electrical Engineering

Chinyere is working on applying quantitative unmixing Raman spectral signals for in vivo imaging.

Erica Savig
Graduate Student - Cancer Biology

Erica is contributing to an ontology of imaging biomarkers that will be used to support computational resources for quantitative bioimaging.

Danielle Rasooly
Undergraduate Student

Danielle is working on a project to develop and validate software for remote rendering of 3D medical images.

Administrative Staff

Debra V. Frank
Administrative Associate

Debra Frank is an Administrative Assistant. She is located in the Clark Center where she splits her time working for Radiology and Chemistry. She is originally from Rhode Island.

Alumni of the Lab

Jesse Rodriguez

Florian Schmitzberger

Konstantinos Sebekos

Jill Lin

Jiantao Pu

Guanglei Xiong

Arpit Aggarwal

Shradha Budhiraja