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I invent and implement new algorithms to help build the next generation of products at Amazon Robotics AI. My work spans Causal Inference, traditional and interactive Search, and Robotics using tools from Econometrics, Statistics, Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision), and (Deep) Reinforcement Learning.

Before joining Amazon, I spent four years at Stanford University for my Ph.D., working on Large Scale Causal Inference with Machine Learning. I was fortunate to have Guido Imbens as my advisor as well as Han Hong and Mohsen Bayati in my Ph.D. committee. Before that, I pursued Bachelor degrees at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, double-majoring in Math and Economics (focusing on Game Theory) and minoring in Management Science with a brief time in Computer Science and Finance. In high school, I focused mostly on Math, which led to a Gold Medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

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Reach me at thaipham at stanford dot edu or
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