I took the thunderstorm soundtrack with birds and dissected it through literal & associative properties. First, I addressed the birds with a literal bird scene. Birds drifting into the tree—a murder of crows. Now this murder of crows goes into the idea of murder and life and death—“It Was A Dark & Stormy Night…” This more morbid idea brought me to the idea of electricity and thunder as life, of Frankenstein, and that is where the sonogram of the fetus comes in. However, to link it, I wanted to put some context on the scene. A zoom into the place, to show how expansive life is, and stars—constantly erupting into being. The transitory stage between these is the dark scene of snow falling, like the crows into the tree, but they also look like stars against the darkness of the night. Here, the scene is quite literal, snow is falling as it thunders. Finally we drift to the stars, zoom into the earth, and to the birth. Here is life, and how best to demonstrate life than with that “soft human machine”? That heart, pumping away with human electricity, heart pounding with each crack of thunder.