Shutters of the Heart from Tina Hanae on Vimeo.

Written, Directed, & Filmed by Tina Hanae Miller
Thanks to T. Ospina for help with camera work
Thanks to Arroyo Dorm for happiness contributions

Shutters of the Heart:


Wynwood turned her heart into a stuttering camera / She picked it up from the antique sale, clacking her slippers, as the rubber bellows breathed in her hands. / It took shots of the cold and turned them into a warm dizzed glossy. / Even desires were slower; she liked to wait as they developed, / captured perfectly / —how they would change— / and she would see then, / how she was right to keep the photo in its frame, / and the camera on its table.
/ Just there.


When a boy stopped by the home, and tripped into the table, / Wynwood's camera crashed onto the ground. / Its heaving lungs / taking stutter after stutter / of his cool, smooth face.


Thoughts like these are the most dangerous