This scene contains five main objects; the sky, the sun, the sea, a boat and a bridge. The sea is tessellated from a large hand fan pattern that matches the viewers perspective and makes the triangle resolution higher closer to the camera. The height of the waves are calculated as y = 4sin(2x + ε)cos(2z) where ε is a noise function. Since the reflection of the sky is hard to get precise, I went with a darker ambient color and a high specular reflection of the sun to get the feeling of a deep dark shiny sea. The boat is parametrically calculated from a number of values; the length, width, height, thickness, quadratic width decay and the perpendicular distance from the back to the center of two imaginary circles that determine the curvature. Texture coordinates are chosen so that the gaps between the boards will not be skewed and the top boards will be bent to fit the contour. There is a slight color difference between the inside and the outside of the boat. The bridge is also parametrically calculated from the given values length, width, thickness, gap size and number of boards. The texture contains 20 different boards and places them automatically to fit single boards and gaps. The sky and the sun are basically just rectangular and circular planes respectively, with high red or yellow ambient reflection and yellow specular reflection. In front of the sun, a light source is placed with a white ambient light, a bright yellow specular light and a red diffuse light to make the reflection in the boat and the sea look more like reflections of the sky.