Tom Yue - Curriculum Vitae


Jia Shuo Tom Yue; click here for my email address


Stanford University, Stanford, CA USA (2008 - present)

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Balaji Prabhakar

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON Canada (2004 - 2008)

B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science (Major in Electrical Engineering)
Undergraduate thesis: A Statistical Approach for Telephone-band Speech Bandwidth Extension

Research Experience

R2D2: Rapid and Reliable Data Delivery for Data Centers

Supervised by Professor Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford Experimental Data Center Laboratory, Stanford University, September 2009 - present

  • By exploiting the uniformity of data center network topology, R2D2 collapses individual Layer 3 flows into one Layer 2 metaflow

  • Method for reliably transferring data across the data center fabric

  • Deployed and tested the R2D2 algorithm

Virtualization Layer Design for Application-Oriented Routers

Supervised by Professor Alberto Leon-Garcia, Network Architecture Laboratory, University of Toronto, June - August 2008

  • AOR Virtualization layer specification, design and implementation

  • method for allocation and utilisation of on-router resources

A Statistical Approach for Telephone-band Speech Bandwidth Extension

Supervised by Professor Frank R. Kschischang, Communications Group, University of Toronto, April 2007 - April 2008

  • method for extending the bandwidth of a low-passed signal

  • statistical model of human speech apparatus; algorithmic speech reconstruction based on said model

Routability Prediction of Network Topologies in FPGAs

Supervised by Professor Paul Chow, VLSI Research Group, University of Toronto, April - August 2006

  • study of FPGA routability of network topologies

  • synthesis, mapping, placing and routing of multiprocessor network topologies

An Engine for Overlay Network Applications

Supervised by Professor Baochun Li, iQua Research Group, University of Toronto, April - August 2005

  • design and implementation of a framework for testing overlay network applications and algorithms

Research Awards

  • NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarship, Government of Canada, 2009, 2008

  • NSERC Undergraduate Research Award, Government of Canada, 2007, 2006

  • Engineering Science Opportunity Grant, University of Toronto, 2005

Academic Awards

  • Engineering Science Award of Excellence, University of Toronto, 2008

  • Second Garnet W. McKee-Lachlan Geo-physics Scholarship, University of Toronto, 2006

  • University of Toronto Scholar, 2005, 2004

  • Andrew Alexander Kinghorn Scholarship, University of Toronto, 2005

  • Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Admission Scholarship, University of Toronto, 2004

  • William Ian Mackenzie Turner 2T5 Scholarship, University of Toronto, 2004