sounds & words

This piece is, literally, a dream about dreaming. A dream can be derived from a wealth of memories, sometimes obviously connected and other times only on the fringes. For this project, I decided I wanted a stronger cohesion, so I collected a number of audio clips from several sources that all expressed the word "dream" somehow, indeterminately dispersed. A dream is often imagined to be sweet and amorphous, like soft moments floating on a cloud, and that is what I tried to replicate.

When picking the audio sources, I looked for clips that not only expressed "dream" literally but also exemplified it in style. I avoided clips with jarring noises - for example, I originally sampled "Dream On" by Aerosmith, but it didn't fit the intended mood at all. For an ethereal background, I looped the quiet and trancelike introduction to Sibelius' Violin Concerto, which is itself a very pensive, nostalgic piece. Cinderella's elegant, mature voice whispers "dream" and "dreaming", while Mama Cass of Mamas & the Papas sings a little ditty ("Dream a Little Dream"). Occasionally Bing Crosby croons "(I'm) dreaming (of a White Christmas)". Martin Luther King, Jr. declares "I have a dream", but without the force of a crowd behind him and speaking more spontaneously. The music in the background is "Traumerei" by Schumann, as played by Joshua Bell.