Countdown Regression: Sharp and Calibrated Survival Predictions
Anand Avati, Tony Duan, Kenneth Jung, Nigam Shah, Andrew Ng.
UAI Workshop on Uncertainty in Deep Learning (Oral), 2018. [Paper]


CheXNeXT: Deep learning for chest radiograph diagnosis
Pranav Rajpurkar*, Jeremy Irvin*, Robyn L. Ball, Kaylie Zhu, Brandon Yang, Hershel Mehta, Tony Duan, Daisy Ding, Aarti Bagul, Curtis P. Langlotz, Bhavik N. Patel, Kristen W. Yeom, Katie Shpanskaya, Francis G. Blankenberg, Jayne Seekins, Timothy J. Amrhein, David A. Mong, Safwan S. Halabi, Evan J. Zucker, Andrew Y. Ng, Matthew P. Lungren.
PLOS Medicine, 2018 [Paper] [Press]

MURA Dataset: Towards Radiologist-Level Abnormality Detection in Musculoskeletal Radiographs
Pranav Rajpurkar*, Jeremy Irvin*, Aarti Bagul, Daisy Ding, Tony Duan, Hershel Mehta, Brandon Yang, Kaylie Zhu, Dillon Laird, Robyn L. Ball, Curtis Langlotz, Katie Shpanskaya, Matthew P. Lungren, Andrew Ng.
Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2018 [Paper] [Competition]