On my friendship with Sergio Verdu:


Sergio and I have been good friends since early 2000s, when we both spent time at HP Labs Palo Alto. He has been a major source of counsel and support since. I owe him a great deal professionally. To this day I consider him my good friend, care for him as much as I always have, and am more concerned than ever about his well-being. That will not change, just like a brother you love remains a brother you love regardless of what they do or are accused of having done.  



On the Title IX incident: 


Within the confines of facts that are not disputed, Sergio's behavior was objectionable. 

I don't know enough of the details of what transpired or the findings of the investigation - nor of the laws or university guidelines - to comment on whether any law or university guideline was formally violated. Morally and ethically, Sergio should have known better. The onus of setting boundaries should not be on the student. 



On the Information Theory Society: 


I am disappointed by the inaction and silence around this incident. 

The leadership seems to think the elephant in the room will disappear if ignored. They are wrong. And even if it could be made to disappear, should it?  What message are we sending about the ramifications of reporting harassment? At the very least there should be a clear expression of how tragic it is that a promising aspiring information theorist found herself outside of our field as a result of this incident. We must be - and be seen to be - making an effort to use this incident as an opportunity for improving our culture and norms.