I encourage you to browse around the navigation links at the top of the page. You'll find papers and presentations I've done, but you'll also find a bunch of other resources that may be useful (especially if you're in linguistics). If you have any questions, reach me by e-mail (tylers at stanford).

About me

My dissertation research is on language and emotion, but my interests are fairly broad. The main other ones are: (i) the role of language in human-technology interactions, (ii)  documenting/classifying endangered African languages, (iii) sociolinguistic style, and (iv) probabilistic syntax and experimental methodology.


Interface design

People interact with an interface through language (the button labels, the taxonomies, the instructions, the errors, the confirmations, etc), and linguistics is well-suited to tell us how language choices affect intelligibility and desirability.

Here's a presentation I gave to Microsoft about linguistic design.

Top picks

Here are some of my papers and presentations that others have liked (or which I have a soft spot for).

  • Gender, styles, and social networks in Twitter (with David Bamman and Jacob Eisenstein) at NWAV41 presentation | paper 
  • Affective patterns using words and emoticons in Twitter at NWAV40 presentation | paper

Linguistics links

Other fun stuff

Writing a QP: Part of getting to the dissertation phase is getting through the "qualifying paper" phase. People who've been through QPs have some good advice to offer. Here's the pdf.