Syntax 120

Tom Wasow's class on syntax is "an introduction to the basic concepts of modern syntactic theory through the development of a rigorous grammar of a substantial fragment of English." In particular, the class introduces the HPSG syntactic framework (Head-drive Phrase Structure). The textbook is the very readable Bender, Sag, and Wasow (2003)--Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction (recommendation: use the second edition).

  • Some notes on the early part of the course

  • A refresher for the basic types of features we deal with

  • Adding semantics to the mix

  • About binding

  • Some notes on Japanese causatives and English extrapositions (password required)

  • Notes on chapter 9 and beyond

  • Question and answer pairs from people in the class (password required)

  • More question/answer pairs (mostly about past assignments) (password required)

  • Advice for the final (updated 12/4)

  • Questions specifically about the final

  • Linguistics links

    Other fun stuff