Vivian Kuperberg

I am currently a third-year graduate student at Stanford University. I'm interested in analytic number theory and working with Sound.

I am involved with the Stanford Math DRP program.

Office: Stanford University, Sloan Hall 380-L
Email address: viviank at
Current Postal Address:
Stanford University
Department of Mathematics
450 Jane Stanford Way, Building 380
Stanford, CA 94305-2125


  • Vivian Kuperberg, Brad Rodgers, and Edva Roditty-Gershon. “Sums of singular series and primes in short intervals in algebraic number fields.” [arXiv]
  • Martin Kassabov, Vivian Kuperberg, and Timothy Riley. “Soficity and variations on Higman’s group,” 2017. [arXiv]
  • Sameer Kailasa, Vivian Kuperberg, and Nicholas Wawrykow. “Chip-firing on trees of loops.” 2017. [arXiv]
  • Robert Connelly, Matthew Funkhouser, Vivian Kuperberg, Evan Solomonides. “Packings of equal disks in a square torus.” 2015. [arXiv]
  • Vivian Kuperberg. “Hadamard matrices modulo p and small modular Hadamard matrices.” 2014. [arXiv]

Teaching and Notes

Here are notes from classes I've taken, seminar talks I've given, and classes I've taught while a counselor at Canada/USA Mathcamp.

Seminar talks with notes

Disclaimer! These lecture notes may be incomplete, riddled with typos or mathematical inaccuracies, or lacking in citations and references. Please e-mail me with any corrections!
  • Dirichlet's Class Number Formula, Dirichlet Style, at Stanford's Kiddie Colloquium, Winter 2020. [pdf]
  • Maass Waveforms, at an L-functions reading seminar at Stanford, Fall 2019. [pdf]
  • Siegel's Theorem, at an elliptic curves reading seminar at Stanford, Winter 2019. [pdf]
  • Hochschild Homology, at an Arizona Winter School prep seminar at Stanford, Winter 2019. [pdf]

Notes from Mathcamp classes

Disclaimer! These lecture notes may be incomplete, riddled with typos or mathematical inaccuracies, lacking in citations and references, or just plain silly. Please e-mail me with any corrections!
  • Dysfunctional Analysis, Mathcamp 2019. [pdf]
  • Wreath Products, Mathcamp 2018. [pdf]
  • Topological Tverberg's Theorem, Mathcamp 2018. [pdf]
  • Triangulations and Flip-Graphs, Mathcamp 2018. [pdf]
  • Vertex-Transitive Polytopes, Mathcamp 2017. [pdf]

Course notes

Disclaimer! The lectures behind these notes are due to the professors listed; any typos or mathematical inaccuracies are due to me. Please e-mail me with any corrections!


The following is an incomplete list of nonacademic things I've been involved with.

  • This is the front and back of a shirt I designed with two of my friends for the Mathcamp community after Mathcamp 2013.
  • I designed this shirt in 2015 for the Cornell math department.
  • As an undergraduate, I helped organize Math Bake-Offs at Cornell. My submission to the 2017 bake-off (which was voted Prettiest Baked Item) was a Hopf-fibration cake.
  • For the 2019 prospective student visit at Stanford, Hannah Larson and I made baked goods. These included cookies with an alternating group action, brownies, and a double torus cake with a figure-eight knot embedded with no crossings on its surface (progress photos here and here).
  • I like puzzle hunts and co-wrote the Mathcamp 2018 and Mathcamp 2019 hunts.
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