Bread 1 update

I probably added too much water, since the dough was a bit too fluid this morning. Had to separate it out into two separate lumps for baking. Set to 475 for 10 minutes, reduced to 425 for another 20 minutes. Forgot to slit the tops before putting them in the oven, and it shows by the excessive rise height after 10 min for one of them. Reduced to 400 for another 10 min. Still not very brown, turned off oven and removed water pan, but left loaves inside for another 5 min.

Result: very crunchy on the outside, but only slightly brown. Inside is still too wet and doughy, but definitely edible. Next time definitely use less water in dough, and remove water pan at the 20 minute mark.

Also, fed the culture another 0.25 cup water and 0.25 flour. Smelled very alcoholy; this might be bad.

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