This is a C++ wrapper library for several common Fortran boundary value problem ODE solvers. The interface is quite simple and utilizes STL vectors mainly. Currently implemented solvers are:

Other planned solvers:

There are several illustrative, commented examples included. There are also Microsoft Visual Studio project files and library files for compiling in Windows. If compiling in Linux, this requires GCC and G77. Under Windows, you must use Visual Studio (I have version 2005) and Intel Visual Fortran (I use v9.1). Other library dependencies include the Fortran to C linkage (e.g. libg2c), LINPACK, and BLAS. This code is released under the LGPL. Note that the Fortran components are subject to their own licensing terms.

Note: I don't know how to use the Autotools chain, nor can I write Makefiles, therefore there are only shell scripts provided to build the libraries. In practice, this works very well, except that all sources get recompiled each time there is any change. If someone would like to write a set of Makefiles, and then teach me how to keep them working after I add more sources, then please contact me!