Meep is a freefinite-difference time-domain program. The official code is designed for a Unix-like environment, and I have ported it, as well as its dependent libraries, to Windows. The linear algebra libraries are not optimized, but they are not used heavily. A processor with SSE extensions is required (Pentium III or later). Just unzip the package, run setup.bat, and run Meep with the meepwrap.bat script. If you have issues or comments, don't hesitate to let me know.



  1. Unzip the binary archive anywhere.
  2. Double click setup.bat in the base directory. This generates the scripts that can be used to run Meep.
  3. Run mpbshell.bat to get a shell with environment variables already set up for you.
  4. Type: cd examples
  5. Type: ..\meepwrap in.ctl

A port of the h5utils is forthcoming. For now the HDF5 official binaries will have to suffice, or grab them from my MPB distribution.

The code changes needed to compile this are included in the archive in the patches/ directory.