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Course Work

Stanford Coursework

Mechatronics (ME218ABC), IC Fabrication Processes (EE212) , Intro to Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems (E240), Commercial MEMS Design (ME429), Intro to Control Design Techniques (E205), Intro to Sensors (ME220), Fatigue Design and Analysis (ME345), Fourier Transform and Its Apps (EE261), Linear Algebra (ME300A), Partial Differential Equations (ME300B).

ME218: Mechatronics

The mechatronics sequence at Stanford consists of three parts (ME218A, ME218B, ME218C) over the course of a year. Each course culminates in a final project that uses the skills learned that particular quarter. ME218A is an introduction to electronics and programming microcontrollers and the final project commonly consists of a homemade game. ME218B focuses more on learning the details of microcontrollers (interrupts, timing); motor control, and signal conditioning; this course's final project involves the fabrication of a competition robot. ME218C places focus on learning microcontrollers at a low-level (assembly language) and communications; the final project in the case of this year was a boat. Please check the links below to see the final projects!

  • Link to ME218A
  • Link to ME218B
  • Link to ME218C
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