Current Projects


  • EPACT campaigns for candidates supporting rent stabilization.
  • EPACT has recruited many residents to serve on city commission boards and task forces, including the following: Rent Stabilization Board, Affordable Housing Task Force, General Plan Advisory Committee, East Palo Alto Tenth Anniversary Committee, Redevelopment Project Area Committee, and the Community Service Committee.
  • EPACT was a major force in the founding and continuation of EPA CAN DO, East Palo Alto's community development corporation. EPACT has recruited many of the board members over the years. Through EPA CAN DO, EPACT is working to establish affordable housing and banking services for the community and promote economic development.
  • EPACT has made many contributions to the community of East Palo Alto. Members of EPACT have both written referrals as well as directly solicited rental housing through phone contacts for residents of East Palo Alto seeking rental housing. EPACT has been active in organizing workshops to educate residents who will soon lose their homes because of gentrification.
  • After the passage of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995, EPACT organized informational outreaches to East Palo Alto renters regarding Costa-Hawkins. EPACT has taught residents how to protect themselves from arbitrary and often illegal rent increases by invoking the East Palo Alto Rent Stabilization Ordinance.
  • Since February 2001, EPACT has been working with the Santa Clara County Tenants Association to promote rent control in other communities in the Bay Area to protect hundreds of thousands of renters from extortionate rent.