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*** Meine deutsche Homepage finden Sie hier ***.


I am a Professor Emeritus of Education and Political Science at Stanford University, and a Professor Emeritus of Comparative Politics and past Rektor of Viadrina European University at Frankfurt (Oder), Germany.

My three-year term as "Academic Secretary to the University" at Stanford has ended on August 31, 2017. My successor is Thomas Wasow (wasow@stanford.edu).

More biographical information (in .pdf format) is available in the form of a detailed CV or a shorter Biographical Note.

For a list of recent publications, click here.

I can be reached as follows:

Hans N. Weiler
752 Tolman Drive
Stanford, CA 94305 - USA
Phone: +1-650-494-2349
Mobile: +1-650-714-8607
Email: weiler@stanford.edu

We have given up our Berlin address on the Einsteinufer at the end of 2012.

The fastest way to reach me is usually by email.

My 80th Birthday

On September 13, 2014, I had the good fortune to be able to celebrate my 80th birthday in good health and with family, friends and colleagues at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin which, over the past ten years, I helped to establish. It was a wonderful day (see the schedule of the day's events), and I was delighted that so many companions of various phases of my life accepted the invitation to celebrate with me. To all of them - and to those who could not join us but sent their good wishes - I extend my heartfelt thanks. The speeches that were given on this occasion by a stellar cast of speakers were well worth hearing and reading; as they all are - with the exception of Sue Grant Lewis' - in German, the texts have been made available on my German website (click above for access).

A selection of pictures of the occasion can be viewed here


Recent Writings

Here is a listing of recently completed papers, manuscripts, and presentations (primarily in English), most of which can be downloaded (in .pdf or .ppt format); additional texts in German, including a number of recent presentations in Germany, can be found on my German homepage.

Current and Recent Projects

The projects I have been involved in in recent years include

Completed Projects

The following are some of the projects which I have completed over the last ten years (links are to texts and further information in English unless noted otherwise):

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