About Bill Malloy

Company Builder, Engineer, Growth Hacker

Bill Malloy

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bill Malloy is an engineer and company builder with more than a decade of experience building engineering-driven software companies. Known for his hands-on approach to supporting new companies, he has a reputation for rolling up his sleeves and working hard to help entrepreneurs succeed. Malloy is a self-confessed “product fanatic” with a keen eye for consumer behavior and a passion for developing products that improve people’s lives.

Since 2007, Bill Malloy has served as president and member of the board at Malloy and Company, which provides funding for real estate projects and private businesses that deliver value to their communities. As a co-founder of Sway Ventures, which invests in early- to mid-stage software companies, he has helped bolster the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley and beyond. As a co-founder of NEX3, an accelerator for early-stage companies, he works to support entrepreneurs with bold solutions to real-world problems.

Over the years, Bill Malloy has served on the boards of many of the companies he has invested in. Most recently, he joined the advisory board at Repurpose.AI, which seeks to revolutionize drug development using artificial intelligence. He is also a board advisor at Addepar, a data-driven financial operating system. Previously, he served on the boards of Fetch Robotics, Affinity, Inc., Penrose Studios, and several others.

Early in his career, Malloy gained valuable experience in product management and engineering during his time at Listen.com and MusicMatch. He helped grow these companies until their billion-dollar sales to Real Networks and Yahoo, respectively. These products have delivered about $11 billion music streams to consumers worldwide. He also worked with DFJ-Zone Ventures. There, he leveraged his expertise to help young companies structure their finances, develop a business strategy, and optimize operations.

Bill Malloy holds a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Clemson University and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from USC. He is currently doing research and studying computer science at Stanford University.