Thumbnail Gallery: The Biotechnology 'Movie' 1988-1999
(Images by Jason Owen-Smith)

    These images represent the evolution of the network of formal ties among dedicated human therapeutic and diagnostic biotechnology firms, Public Research Organizations (Universities, Hospitals etc.), Venture Capital Firms, Pharmaceutical Corporations, and Government Agencies.  These visualizations are based on a data-set of collaborative agreements created by Walter W. Powell and Kenneth W. Koput and were created to supplement the figures and discussions presented in:

Walter W. Powell, Douglas R. White, Kenneth W. Koput, & Jason Owen-Smith (2004) "Network Dynamics and Field Evolution: The Growth of  Inter-Organizational     Collaboration In the Life Sciences." Forthcoming. American Journal of Sociology.\

The images were generated using Pajek, a freeware package for the analysis and visualization of large networks.

For more examples of newtork visualization see our papers in Management Science and Organization Science.

Key to the Images

New Ties = All ties initiated in a given year
All Ties =  All ties extant in a given year
Node Size = Degree in the prior year's all tie network
These figures present the main component of each network and are best viewed sequentially.

Node Color = Organizational Form

Cyan = Biotechnology Firms
Orange = Public Research Organizations
Yellow = Large Pharmaceutical/Chemical Corporations
Brown = Government Agencies
Gray = Venture Capital Firms
White = Other Organization
Triangles represent new entrants to the network in a given year.

Tie Color = Activity Type

Red = Research & Development
Green = Finance
Blue = Commercialization
Magenta = Licensing

    Click on an image to view it full size.  Large images are best viewed at screen resolution 1024 X 1280 or better.



                                     1988, All Ties                              1989, New Ties                               1989, All Ties                                1990, New Ties                                   1990, All Ties


                                   1991, New Ties                               1991, All Ties                                    1992, New Ties                           1992, All Ties                               1993, New Ties


                             1993, All Ties                                   1994, New Ties                                1994, All Ties                                       1995, New Ties                             1995, All Ties


                               1996, New Ties                                   1996, All Ties                                 1997, New Ties                                   1997, All Ties                             1998, New Ties


                                                                                             1998, All Ties                          1999, New Ties                                    1999, All Ties


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