8) Internet Resources.

8.1) What bagpipe-related pages are available on the World Wide Web (WWW)?

 A) As you might already know, the number and content of Web sites increases daily. Therefore the following lists are sure to be only partial:


General sites with lots of links


Sites with lots of original content




Pipe Band Associations




Notation Software


Other Links

These are a few of the links I have bookmarked. If you would like your page added please drop me an e-mail request with the URL to your page. If you want your page removed I will also be glad to comply.


8.3) How do I get James Stewart's index of tunes?

 A) A Web based search engine is available at Ceolas: http://www.ceolas.org/tunes/TuneIndex/.


8.4) What is the Ceolas archive?

 A) Quoted from Ceolas files:

 "Ceolas is an information service for Celtic music, dedicated to distributing high-quality information on all aspects of Celtic music by means of the Internet. We source information from official bodies, commercial interests, other individuals on the net and our own researches. By 'filtering' commercially-supplied information, we hope to avoid the bias and advertising hyperbole that has previously caused disputes between the commercial and Internet worlds."

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