10) Miscellany.

10.1) Are there societies and/or associations for people with an interest in piping? 

A) Yes indeed, quite a few. They are listed (with addresses) in the resource list (part 2 of this FAQ) under "Organizations".


10.2) I also have an interest in drumming. Any drum references out there?

 A) Yes. There is a side drum mailing list out there as well. The following is taken from a quasi-regular post to the bagpipe mailing list: 

SIDEDRUM is a list for those students, participants, and interested parties in the development, and support of Scottish Style Drumming of all sorts (Side, Rhythm Tenor, Flourish Tenor, and Bass Drums). To subscribe to the list send a message to majordomo@matlock.comstar.net and include the following in the body of the message: 

Subscribe SIDEDRUM  

To send a message to the list, address the message to: 




10.3) Is there an available list of piping competitions and/or Highland games? 

A) Clan MacLaclan maintain's the Scottish and Celtic Festivals and Games Listings. The Pipe Band Associations maintain lists of sanctioned events.

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