7) The Printed Word.

 7.1) I'm interested in books related to learning the Highland bagpipe. Which books are recommended?

 A) The most recommended tutorial among list members is the College of Piping's "Highland Bagpipe Tutor". This tutorial comes in three parts and is available directly from the College of Piping or just about any shop that deals in piping equipment (see part 2 of this FAQ for a shop near you). Also highly recommended is Sandy Jones' "Beginning the Bagpipe - A Teaching Method for the Practice Chanter". Widely available in most North American shops; somewhat less so in the U.K. A third well-known tutorial is Logan's Tutor. General opinion holds that Logan's may be too difficult as a first tutorial.


7.2) Are there any books available for beginners learning to play the Uilleann pipes? 

A) Yes, though they may be a bit harder to find. Highly recommended is H.J. Clarke's "The New Approach to Uilleann Piping", which comes with an accompanying cassette. Another somewhat less thorough tutor is Leo Rowsome's "Tutor for the Uilleann Pipes" (first published in 1936). Two other tutors for the UP are "The Tutor: Irish Union Pipes, A Workbook", Denis Brooks, 1985 (available from the Irish Pipers Club), and "Learn to Play Uilleann Pipes with the Armagh Pipers Club", Eithne and H.B. Vallely, 1981 (also available from the Irish Pipers Club).


7.3) Are there any monthly or quarterly magazines of interest to pipers?

 A) Yes indeed. Some of the most frequently mentioned follow; addresses for these and others are in part 2 of this FAQ.


Piping Today
The Piping Centre
The Piping Times
College of Piping
Piper and Drummer
online only
An Piobaire
4-5 per year
Na Piobairi Uilleann
The Voice
Words & Music



7.4) What about general interest books on piping? 

A) The following books have been mentioned often. Sources, if available, are given in brackets. Addresses for the sources appear in part 2. 

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