Change Log

Aug 23, 2006 - Updates in most pages, mostly purging dead links, and obsolete information.

Feb 2, 1999 - Updates in most pages.

Apr 22, 1998 - Updates in resources and internet.

Apr 2, 1998 - Updates in resources, internet, and tunes.

Mar. 13, 1998 - Merged changes in mirrored sites. Many updates.

Feb. 20, 1998 - Updated links and addresses, added "The Bagpipe List" to Internet Resources. Added Ross Synthetic Bags to Technology section.

Feb 9, 1998 - Changes in Internet, Tunes, GHB, Intro, and Resources

Jan 5, 1998 - Changes in resources.

Dec 9 - Changes in Updates and Intro.

Dec 4 - Changes in resources.

Oct 29 - Changes in Internet and Tunes.

Oct 20 - Changes in Uillean, Other Types, GHB, Admin, Tech, and Print.

Sept 24 - Added material in the GHB, OtherTypes, Tech, and Misc page. Added a few links in the resources page.

Sept 09 - Added some links in the publication and organization sections of the resouces page.

Sept 05 - Updated, corrected, and added links and e-mail addresses to the resources page.

Sept 04 - Added mirror location.

June 18 - Changed mail address for Celtic Fire. Added the address for the PPBSO home page. Synchronised with Walter Innes' mirror site to include hot links in all sections.

April 13 - Corrected attribution to previous FAQ maintainer to Mike Scully. "Ms. McNickle did not do any "original work". I wrote the FAQ you have as well as the first web pages, and I maintained it on r.m.m.b from the inception of the news group until early '96. When I became unable to maintain it regularly, I asked for volunteers to take over FAQ maintenance. Ms. McNickle volunteered, changed a few names, posted it once, and then (apparently) disappeared."

Added The New Zeland Pipe band to publications.

April 1997 - Section 6 has been re-written to include links within the sentence structure. To find out exactly where these links lead you will either need to view the HTML source or, if your browser supports it, look at the address as you move your mouse onto the link. This is an experimental change and is from Walter Innes who kindly did the work of converting all the links.

March 1997 - Converted archive FAQ into html version.