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Bagpipe.tex is a macro-package for use on top of MusicTeX or MusixTeX, which are a macro-packages for use with TeX or LaTeX. TeX is a language designed for typesetting technical documents. It is public domain and is available for most platforms. Packages which combine TeX, metafont, and support utilities are available. The most popular version for MS Windows is MikTeX, and for Macs is MacTeX. UNIX users usually use the teTeX distribution. MusicTeX and MusixTeX were written by Daniel Taupin who is now deceased. MusixTeX is now maintained at a low level by a few users. They are available via anonymous ftp at CTAN sites and with the above distributions.

In addition to the the TeX program and macros, you will need a text editor. A TeX aware editor makes life much easier. Good examples are WinEDT (shareware) for Windows and TeXShop for the Mac.

Version 3.01 of bagpipe.tex works with MusicTeX version 5.20. and with MusixTeX version T.88. Since it redefines a few Musi[c|x]TeX macros, bagpipe.tex may not work with later versions of Musi[c|x]TeX without modification. It definitely does not work with versions of MusicTeX earlier than 4.71.

MusixTeX differs from MusicTeX in that it relies on a three pass system to adjust the spacing instead of glue (stretchable space). MusixTeX is also the version under active development and is now the default in bagpipe.tex.

The files in the bagpipe.tex distribution/ are:

Note: *.tex, and *.ini are ascii. You may have to modify some settings to get your browser to download these files.

For some pdf files of tunes typeset with bagpipe.tex, see the the WUSPBA massed band tunes page.

For more music in bagpipe.tex format see The Stuart Highlanders Collection of Pipe Music, and other tunes.

Conversion routines:

The author can be contacted at walt@slac.stanford.edu