Yangyan Li(李扬彦)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow




Yangyan Li has been a postdoctoral research fellow in Stanford University under supervision of Prof. Leonidas J. Guibas and Tel Aviv University under supervision of Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or since 2013. Before that, Yangyan received his PhD degree from University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences under supervision of Prof. Baoquan Chen. Yangyan had won Qilu Outstanding Scholars of Shandong University, and is joining Shandong University as a tenure-track professor. His primary research interests fall in the field of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision with an emphasis on point cloud processing and data-driven 3D reconstruction.



Render for CNN: Viewpoint Estimation in Images Using CNNs Trained with Rendered 3D Model Views

Hao Su*, Charles R. Qi*, Yangyan Li, and Leonidas Guibas (*Joint first authors)
Code and Data
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2015 Oral)


A Tool-Free Calibration Method for Turntable-based 3D Scanning Systems

Xufang Pang, Rynson W.H. Lau, Zhan Song, Yangyan Li and Shengfeng He
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications