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Let me introduce my family briefly: Giyoung, Grace Yejin, Anna Yein, and Lang.

Giyoung is the most beautiful woman in the world as you can see from the picture. I am sure you will agree with me without any hesitation. She is a veterinarian. Obviously, she loves animal. Her favorite animal inlcudes cows, shih tzu, and goats. Currently, she plays a role of bodyguard for Lang at home. As you can guess from the fact that she loves animal, she has very warm sweet heart like chocolate. I love her so much and am thankful to God who gave her as my wife to me.

Grace is an adorable and strong kid. She grows fast, which keeps reminding me of wonders of life and importance of time. In the evening, coming back from school, I enjoy watching her playing: dancing, clapping, calling mom and dad, walking, smiling, playing soccer, crying, and staring back at me of course. She brings joy and love, which I cannot afford with any amount of money, to me. She has her own website !!

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Now, let's be technical. I am a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AA) and Farhat Research Group (FRG) at Stanford University. I earned a Ph.D. degree at Stanford University in 2012 and my advisor was Walter Murray.


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Research Experiences

  • With Prof. Farhat (January 2013 through Current)
    I am currently working with Prof. Farhat in AA department of Stanford University. We are developing efficient solvers for PDE-constrained optimization problems with reduced order model.

  • With Prof. Murray (January 2010 through December 2012)
    I worked with Prof. Murray for my Ph.D. degree. We developed an efficient numerical optimization algorithm that fits well for PDE-constrained problems. PDE-constrained optimization occurs in many engineering fields, such as shape optimization of flight wing to minimize drag or maximize lift, flow control problems, parameter identification problems, and many more optimal control problems. We closely worked with Prof. Farhat's group and used structural PDE code, AERO-S.

  • With Prof. Wein (June 2009 through January 2010)
    I was lucky to have chance to do research with Prof. Wein and published a paper in journal. This paper has been selected as one of the 2010 Best Papers for Risk Analysis. This project was mainly to build a model under the virtual senario (terrorist attacks Washington D.C. with nuclear bomb and Goverment has limited policy to control evacuee). I solved the Partial Differentail Equation (PDE) model for evacuee through car and algebraic equations for pedestrains. Also, I estimated the number of death and injury due to the effects of nuclear bomb. We strongly hope that there will be no nuclear attack anywhere in the world. However, if there is one, we hope that this paper will paly a major role in Goverment's decision making and save more people. Also hope that the paper can be a base for a future related research. News articles about this paper can be found as they follow:
    2. The Stanford Review
    3. Security Management
    4. Reuters
    5. Stanford Business
  • With Prof. Aquino (May 2005 through May 2007)
    When I was an undergraduate student in Cornell University, I had a fruitful research experience to work with Prof. Wilkins. He introduced a new world of research to a boy of country style, especially numerical methods of solving a mathematical problem. For the conference paper listed above, I created a finite element mesh for a human artery immersed in fluid.


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