Welcome to the Android Development Page


The application is now directly downloadable to your Android phone from the Android Marketplace. This will provide automated updates.

This application is still in Beta format. So, it may have a bug here and there. Please inform us of any bug or perhaps a wish list. The current version is 1.03.

This version is in English, if anyone feels we need another language, please tell me, but I would like to be in contact with the original translator. Currently the three most popular languages translations are in this order Swedish, Chinese and Spanish... please note this is written in winter...

Good Luck.

Jerome Yesavage, Stanford, February 13, 2011.




Technical Details:

Coded with AppInventor from Google Labs, cover image purchased from 123RF, digitaly signed with the various Android/Java SDK scripts and finally converted to Android Marketplace format with Marketizer.

1.03 released February 20, 2011.


PS from April 23, 2011, I have now done an iPhone app since 500 copies of the Android version have now been downloaded in two months. I am a big believer in Open Source and the iPhone version was twice as hard to code, but I believe people seem to want it, so as of April 20, 2011 it was uploaded for approval to Apple. AFrench version was uploaded April 22, 2011.