The Franco-Italian Trout of La Roya in France: Saorge

Copyright J. Yesavage 2005

This area is about 1-1.5 hours from Nice. You take the Autoroute towards Italy and cross the border into Vintimille, but do not go into that town, rather just take the National Highway north towards the Col de Tende. This area is just up the road from Breil. You go into the town of Fontan (whose license the height of ambiguity) and take the road up to Saorge.

Saorge is quite the historic hill town on the top of a mountain to protect from various thieves over the centuries.

This licensing affair is 10$ for 30 days but requires all the other Departmental stramps (see Breil). You get it in the bookstore in the town across from the honey shop (very good nougat). Ask at the restaurant if you have trouble. Marc the owner is a fisherman and knows every rock in the streams.

Here is the view from the restaurant looking down. The road down below has recently been closed and allows fishing off the main road that now goes through a tunnel (which is in the background). Also, in this photo, note the railroad which is an engineering marvel. You can ride up here from Nice. If you have one meal to eat up here, this is the place. Cannot be beaten for quality and view (10-15 Euro).

The fish are the same as for Breil, but it is worthwhile to note that the license here gives you the right to fish the Carios tributary. You have to go upstream above where the water is removed for farming and then you have a lot of fine pocket water to fish.

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