Yunfan Jiang 姜云帆

yjiang05 [at] stanford [dot] edu

My name is Yunfan Jiang and I am an incoming Stanford EE M.S. student.

I will obtain my bachelor's degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh in May 2020. I work with Dr. Chang Liu in Agile Tomography Group on deep learning applications for imaging.

I am eager to pursue a Ph.D. degree in the future and am seeking research opportunities (either voluntary or paid). Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in my background.

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Research Overview

I am an undergraduate researcher supervised and advised by Dr. Chang Liu in Agile Tomography Group, Institute for Digital Communications (IDCoM), Edinburgh. Our research covers spectroscopy, inverse problem solving, signal and image processing, and embedded system design. Concretely, I am interested in developing line-of-sight laser imaging systems empowered by deep learning for engine diagnosis.

Selected Projects
Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy-Based Tomography Image Reconstruction using Deep Learning
Undergraduate thesis, supervised by Dr. Chang Liu.
thesis / code

To the best of my knowledge, it is the first time to verify and demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of applying CNN-based laser tomographic methods on experimental imaging of flame temperature distributions.

Simultaneous Imaging of Flame Temperature and Gas Concentration using Data-Driven Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Tomography
Yunfan Jiang, Jingjing Si, Rui Zhang, Godwin Enemali, Jiangnan Xia, Chang Liu
Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research, Lyon, France, 2020 Postponed (Submitted).

We proposed a CNN-based laser tomographic algorithm to simultaneously reconstruct the two-dimensional distributions of the flame temperature and gas concentration with good accuracy and low computational cost.

GUI for Real-Time Laser Spectroscopy
Agile Tomography Group, Edinburgh, advised by Dr. Chang Liu.
May 2019 - September 2019
doc / code / demo 1 / demo 2 / demo 3

A GUI developed in TkInter that integrates hardware interfacing and real-time signal processing algorithms for laser spectroscopy.

The source code of this website can be found here. This page is awesome!
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