Sep 6, 2019 Paper on reflectance PPG sensor design and redundancy in IEEE Access
Jun 25, 2019 Invited talk at Stanford's Wearable Electronics seminar series
May 31, 2019 Paper on reliability challenges in flexible hybrid electronics in IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
Dec 12, 2018 Invited talk at Kateeva
Dec 10, 2018 Oxygen-Mapping Sensor Could Improve Organ Transplants, Skin Grafts
Nov 23, 2018 Flexible sensor maps blood oxygen levels
Nov 7, 2018 Paper on flexible organic reflectance oximeter arrays in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Nov 7, 2018 Skin-like sensor maps blood-oxygen levels anywhere in the body
Sep 1, 2018 I will be joining Prof. Zhenan Bao’s group at Stanford University as a postdoctoral fellow, starting in January 2019. :sparkles:
Jul 25, 2018 Paper on using printing techniques to pattern the active area of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) in Advanced Functional Materials
Feb 25, 2018 Best poster award at Flex 2018
Feb 12, 2018 MRS Spring 2018 presentation on printed reflectance oximeter
Jul 21, 2017 Welcome to my new site! I am transitioning from WordPress to Jekyll!
Apr 10, 2017 Paper on PLEDs for optoelectronic sensing in Advanced Materials
Oct 28, 2016 Paper on flexible hybrid electronics in Advanced Functional Materials
May 17, 2016 Paper on flexible energy storage and harvesting system in Scientific Reports
Feb 12, 2016 Review paper on vital signs monitoring in Advanced Materials
Dec 10, 2015 Paper on inkjet-printed impedance array on front cover of Advanced Functional Materials
Mar 19, 2015 Smart bandage shows early tissue damage not visible to the eyes
Mar 17, 2015 Paper on printed pressure ulcer sensor in Nature Communications
Mar 17, 2015 ‘Smart bandage’ detects bedsores before they are visible to doctors
Mar 17, 2015 ‘Smart bandage’ to detect bedsores
Jan 21, 2015 Engineering team invents affordable medical sensor
Dec 10, 2014 Organic electronics could lead to cheap, wearable medical sensors
Dec 10, 2014 Paper on all-organic oximeter probe in Nature Communications
May 5, 2013 Paper on energy harvesting in complex systems in Nature Photonics