Jonathan Ting received the best poster award at the Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition - 2018 FLEX. He presented our on-going work on the fully screen-printed nickel oxide thermistor arrays. Congratulations to Ting and the team. :sparkles:

Poster title: Fully Screen-Printed NiO Thermistor Arrays

Abstract: The performance of commercial Lithium ion batteries is a function of both battery voltage and temperature. Temperature has a significant effect on the performance and lifetime of these batteries, and influences several different failure mechanisms. One of the most dangerous failure mechanisms involves thermal runaway, where the battery becomes progressively more permanently damaged as it continues through each stage of thermal runaway. A possible method to improve battery safety is to monitor the temperature of the whole battery surface to potentially detect local heating, as a precursor to thermal runaway. Here, we present a fully screen-printed thermistor array, which uses a NiO based ink to sense temperature over a large area. We used the 4 x 4 array of thermistors to measure the temperature of a commercial Lithium ion battery when operated at higher C-rates. By multiplexing the individual thermistor pixels, we were able to plot, in real-time, the temperature of the battery surface, and spatially resolve local heating. Additionally, the screen-printing was done on flexible plastic substrates, making the sensor array conformal to the object being measured, making the sensor more efficient at resolving surface temperatures than conventional rigid thermistors.


  1. Fully Screen-Printed NiO Thermistor Arrays Jonathan Ting*, Natasha Yamamoto*, Yasser Khan*, Abhinav Gaikwad, and Ana Claudia Arias In Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition - 2018 FLEX, Monterey, CA, USA, 2018 [Abstract] [Bibtex] Best Poster Award.