Printed bioelectronic sensors for BIA (Bioimpedance Analysis), ECG (Electrocardiography), and EMG (Electromyography)

Inkjet-printed flexible gold electrode array consisting of 31 electrodes, which is used for impedance mapping of conformal surfaces.

Non-invasively mapping pressure-induced tissue damage with inkjet-printed flexible gold electrode array.

Bioelectronic interfaces require electrodes that are mechanically flexible and chemically inert. Flexibility allows pristine electrode contact to skin and tissue, and chemical inertness prevents electrodes from reacting with biological fluids and living tissues. Since a manufacturing process to fabricate gold electrode arrays on plastic substrates is elusive, we devised a fabrication and low-temperature sintering () technique to print gold electrodes. Utilizing the versatility of printing and plastic electronic processes, electrode arrays were fabricated and used for impedance mapping of conformal surfaces at 15 kHz [1].

A more direct application of the array was to non-invasively map pressure-induced tissue damage. Here, the array was used to detect pressure ulcers in an animal model, even before the damages were observed visually. Our results demonstrated the feasibility of an automated, non-invasive “smart bandage” for early detection of pressure ulcers [2]. Moreover, for a different project, we used the gold electrodes printed on a wearable sensor patch as electrocardiography (ECG) electrodes.

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