List of Corrections

Page 99, line -10 : change $\ge$ to $\le$. Also, in the bottom paragraph, change "increased" to "decreased".

Page 98, line 6 : add a transpose between the two vector product.

Page 95, line 4 : change the power -2 in the last term to 2.

Page 89, line -1 : remove the power 2.

(Thanks to Jianfu Wang of University Leiden, Netherlands for discovering these typos.)

Page 49, 53 : both $a_j$ and $a_{.j}$ represent the $j$th column of $A$; Example 2.1: (3/) should be (3/2).

Exercise 2.12: Change "2" to "1" in the (dual) potential functions.

Page 13 : 6th line "function" should be "functions"; Page 44: in the inequality of Theorem 2.1, "$n$" should be "$m$".

(Thanks to Cris Choi of UI for discovering these typos.)

Page 170 in Algorithm 5.2. In the line "While ... do," "$\|(x^k,s^k)\|_1 < \frac{2}{\theta^k\rho}$" has to be replaced by "$\|(x^k,s^k)\|_1 \leq \frac{2}{\theta^k\rho}$".

(Thanks to Rouven Lepenis of Uni-Wuezburg for discovering this error.)

Reference [41]: Change "E.-W. Bai and Y. Ye" to "E.-W. Bai, Y. Ye, and R. Tempo". I apologize to Roberto Tempo for this error.

Reference [52]: Change "D. P. Bertsekas" to "D. Bertsimas". I apologize to Bertsimas for this error.

Page 13: Change "$C\bullet X$ and $\det(X)$ are homogeneous of degree $1$..." to "$C\bullet X$ and $\det(X)$ are homogeneous of degree $1$ and $n$, respectively, ...".

Theorem 3.11 and Exercise 3.8: Change "\eta(x,s)\le 1" to "\eta(x,s)\le 1/\sqrt{2}".

Page 260, equation (8.24): Change "(x/\tau)^T\nabla f(x/\tau)^T" to "(x/\tau)^T\nabla f(x/\tau)".

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