This class will cover groups, fields, rings, and ideals. More explicitly: Groups acting on sets, examples of finite groups, Sylow theorems, solvable and simple groups. Fields, rings, and ideals; polynomial rings over a field; PID and non-PID.Unique factorization domains. Students more interested in applications of the theory should also consider math 109. This is also a Writing in the Major class.

About this course

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am-12:15pm, Herrin T-195

Course assistant:Daniel Alvarez-Gavela

Text:Dummit and Foote's Abstract Algebra, third edition

Writing in the major

Clear writing is essential to mathematical communication, and the WIM assignment is an important part of this class. This course will emphasize both exposition in communciating mathematics and the structure of proofs. Part of your grade on each assignment and on the exams will be on your exposition of your solutions to problems. Information about the Writing in the Major assignment is here . The first draft is due by May 18 and final text is due by May 30.

Grading scheme

Homework 25%, WIM assignment 15%, Midterm 25%, Final exam 35%


Midterm: April 29, open book, open notes, (covering chapter 0-3) in class. Old midterms and solutions

. This year's midterm with solution.

Final: June 6, 3:30pm-6:30pm , open book, open notes, in Herrin Hall T195. Old final exam

Contact information

Zhiyuan Li

  • Office:
    Bldg 380-382B
  • Email: zli2 at
  • Office Hours:
    MW 12pm-1:30pm (also available for most of the SUMO homework night)

Daniel Alvarez-Gavela

  • Office:
    Bldg 380-380T
  • Email:dgavela at
  • Office Hours:
    Wed 5:30pm-8:30pm

Weekly Homework

Due every Thursday at 2pm. You are encouraged to work together to solve problems. Late homework will not be accepted, but the lowest scoring problem set will be dropped. You should give complete proofs. Please staple your homework, and write your name on each page.

Course Schedule