Project 0

Test Submission

Expected Due Date: 5 pm on Friday, September 27 (but note, this is a 0-point assignment and submissions will stay open throughout the quarter).

This project is to ensure that everyone knows how to use the AA228Student workspace and how to submit their assignments locally using submit.

This is to avoid any complications during Project 1 and Project 2 submissions in the future.


  • txt file

Submit a file named project0.txt containing the text “life is a pomdp”

How to submit?

For more detailed instructions: AA228Student/

Requires Julia v1.2 and Git (see above to download)

  1. Download and run the aa228download.jl script (a one-time step):
    1. Save the setup script to a desired directory:
      • aa228download.jl:  Right-click and “Save link as…” (save with the .jl file extension)
    2. Run the aa228download.jl file from a terminal (--color is optional):
      • julia --color=yes aa228download.jl
        • This will create an AA228Student repository used as a workspace for submitting your project file(s) (including future projects).
  2. Create a project0.txt file with the required content, or copy your project0.txt to your AA228Student/workspace directory.
  3. Submit your project from a terminal:
    • cd to the AA228Student/workspace directory
    • Run the following (replacing <YOUR_EMAIL> with your own SUNet ID email address):
      • Windows:
        • submit project0.txt <YOUR_EMAIL>
      • Linux/Mac OS X:
        • ./submit project0.txt <YOUR_EMAIL>
  4. You will then receive submission feedback.
    • Optionally, you can request the status of your submissions (for Linux/Mac OS X use ./submit):
      • submit status <YOUR_EMAIL>

Note: If you are having trouble submitting through AA228Student, we put together a video demonstration.