Project 0

Test Submission

Due Date: 5 pm on Friday, September 28 (but optionally, you can submit until 5 pm on Friday, October 5 and still receive full credit)

This project is to ensure that everyone knows how to use Vocareum and how to submit their assignments on that platform.


  • txt file

Submit a file named project0.txt containing the text “life is a pomdp”

How to submit?

  1. Login to and navigate to this course.
  2. Use the sidebar to go to Assignments.
    Click on Assignment 0. Use the button at the bottom which says Load Project 0 - Test Submission to go to Vocareum.
  3. Either use Vocareum’s editor to make project0.txt file with the required content, or upload your project0.txt to your workspace.
  4. Click on the RUN button to check if tests pass.
    If the strings match, you should get a message that says: Strings match! Please submit for grading.
  5. Click on the Submit button.

Note: If you are having trouble submitting on Vocareum, check out this video demo we’ve made for submitting.