Note: This is the winter quarter website for CS106A. The spring quarter website will be up soon.
Final Exam Results
March 28, 2012

Final exams have been graded and are available outside my office (Gates 178). Here is a summary of the distribution:

Mean: 128 / 180
Median: 118 / 180
Standard Deviation: 42

You can see the midterm solution and more details in this handout. Emails were also just sent out with your recorded grade.

Have a great break!

Final Review Session
March 17, 2012
There will be a review session for the final on Sunday March 18 from 2-4pm in Hewlett 200. We will review the practice finals and concepts from the quarter.
Final Exam Details
March 14, 2012

Final Exam Time: Wednesday, March 21, 12:15PM – 3:15PM

The final is open book, open notes, and closed computer. It covers the lecture material, Chapters 1 through 13 of the class textbook, but not the material on networking or standard Java.

Final Exam Location (by last name):

Last name starts with A-B: go to 300-300

Last name starts with C-L: go to Cubberly Auditorium

Last name starts with M-R: go to Hewlett 201

Last name starts with S-Z: go to 320-105

FacePamphlet Goes Out Today, Due Friday March 16
March 7, 2012

FacePamphlet goes out today. You can download the starter files on the assignments page. This is due Friday, March 16 at 3:15 pm and there are no late days on this assignment.

YEAH hours for FacePamphlet will be tonight from 7-8PM in Herrin T175

Midterm Results
February 22, 2012

Midterms were handed back in class today. Here is a summary of the distribution:

Mean: 83.7 / 120
Median: 88 / 120
Standard Deviation: 24

You can see the midterm solution and more details in this handout. Emails were also just sent out with your recorded grade. If you did not pick up your exam, they will be in class on Friday, and after that you can pick them up outside Keith's office, Gates 178.

Midterm Tonight
February 13, 2012
The midterm is tonight from 7-9pm. Make sure to go to the right room based on your last name.

A-O: go to CEMEX Auditorium (Knight Management)

P-Z: go to Braun Auditorium (Mudd Chemistry)

Also, here are the materials from the review session yesterday which just include the practice exam solution code as well a simple java trivia program. Practice Midterm Karel and Practice Midterm Code.
Midterm Review Session
February 9, 2012
Jeremy will be leading a midterm review session Sunday, February 12, in Hewlett 200 from 7-8:30pm. We will review topics that will be on the exam and go over the practice exam.
Practice Midterm Released
February 8, 2012

We've released a practice midterm to help you prepare for Monday's upcoming midterm (sorry for the delay in posting the PDF!) This handout contains midterm logistics including room locations, and I would strongly suggest working through the practice midterm under exam conditions to get a better sense for what it's like to write code on paper.

We have also put together a handout on exam strategies that goes over some useful tips and tricks for taking a CS midterm.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help out with!

Artistry Submissions Available!
February 7, 2012
Artistry submissions are published, and you can view the great work by your classmates here.
Publishing Artistry Submissions
February 6, 2012
Hi CS106A-- We'd like to publish some of your artistry submission on the class website. Please fill out this survey to let us know if you would like us to publish yours, either to the entire web, just Stanford, or not at all.
Breakout Goes Out Today!
February 1, 2012
The Breakout assignment goes out today, and you can see a demo version of the program here. It is due Friday, February 10th..
Change to Assignment Due Dates
January 20, 2012

There has been a minor change to the assignment due dates for CS106A, with Assignments #2-5 being pushed back one day. The updated schedule is available in the Syllabus handout. If this causes any scheduling problems, please let us know ASAP.

Section Assignments Posted and Submission is Open
January 18, 2012

Section assignments have been finalized and many of you have received an email introducing you to your section leader. However, we had a bit of a technical mishap on our end and some of you may not have heard back with your section assignment yet. To view your current section assignment, you can visit and log in with your SUNetID to get details.

Because sections have been assigned, you can now submit assignments through Eclipse (see Handout #07: Submitting Work for more details). Once you've submitted your assignments, you can check whether they were successfully received by visiting, where you can view your submission. If you have any trouble with the submitter, please let Jeremy know ASAP.

Assignment #1 Submission Not Yet Open
January 12, 2012

Assignment #1 submission is not yet open, but will be once section assignments are given out.

Assignment #1 Goes Out Today
January 11, 2012

Assignment #1 goes out today, and you can download the starter project on the assignments page. The assignment has two parts. The first part is to send an email to Keith, Jeremy, and your section leader. The second part is karel.

The Karel portion of the assignment is due Friday, January 20 at 3:15. The email is due Sunday, January 22 at 11:59PM.

Please refer to the handouts for getting set up with Eclipse and Karel. If you have questions on getting set up you should ask them on This is the best and fastest way to get your question resolved, and since there are many people in the class, lots of people have the same questions. You're question may already be answered or others probably have the same question as you.

There are some supplemental videos for getting started with Eclipse and Karel on our YouTube channel.

Welcome to CS106A!
January 5, 2012

Welcome to CS106A! We have a great class planned this quarter with lots of exciting material to cover. The class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:15-4:05 in NVIDIA Auditorium in the Huang Engineering Center.

The class is 5 units, but can be taken for 3 units by graduate students. You do not need to sign up for a section on Axess. Section signup information will be given in class.