Class Announcements

  1. Assignment 5 (ImageShop) is out. We've made the assignment slightly smaller because you only have a week to do it (you're no longer required to implement the translate() method), but make sure to get started early! To help you get started, we'll be holding YEAH-esque hours today (the 16th) in the LaIR at 8 pm. You'll have a chance to begin the assignment guided by Brahm and Julia and to ask any clarifying questions you might have.
  2. Graphics Contest details are now available here. This contest is absolutely optional - if you choose not to do it, your final grade in the class will be exactly the same as if there had been no contest in the first place.
  3. Chris' office hours this week on Thursday are being postponed to Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  4. Midterm grades have been released! Take a look at the announcement on the home page for more details. Note that if you want to discuss your midterm grade, come to Chris or Julia's office hours.

Learning Goals

There are three goals for today's class:
  1. To understand how to use Interactors in our programs
  2. To delve a little deeper into the mechaniccs of how programs run
  3. To see an example of how we can use Computer Science as a tool to understand people

Lecture Materials