Welcome to the CS 106A web site for Autumn 2018-19!

Important course information will be posted on this web page and announced in class. You are responsible for all material that appears here and should check this page for updates frequently.

Week of November 17th
  • View your final grades here
  • Statistics from the CS106A final (out of 180 points) are:
    • Median = 142 (79%)
    • Mean = 132 (73%)
    • Std. Dev. = 34.6
    • Max = 180

    Should you wish to request a regrade, please reach out to Brahm at the beginning of Winter Quarter.

  • Have a wonderful break!

Week of December 3rd
  • The CS106A Final Exam is on Monday, December 10th from 8:30am-11:30am.

    The location of the final exam is based on the first letter of your last name:

    • A - L: Hewlett 200
    • M - Q: Hewlett 201
    • R - Z: Bishop Auditorium

    Please note that there is no alternate final exam.

  • There is no class lecture on Friday, December 7th to give you a bit more time to study for the final exam. Note that there are still sections happening this week (including on Friday).
  • Assignment #7 is due Friday, December 7th. Please note that no late days (free or otherwise) may be used on Assignment #7.

Week of November 26th
  • In class on Monday, Mehran talked about the option to retract assignments if you believe there is an Honor Code issue. The deadline for retracting assignments is 1:30pm on Wednesday, December 5th (beginning of last class lecture).

Week of November 12th
  • The LaIR (CS106 helpers in Tresidder) will be closed over Thanksgiving break. Also, Mehran and Brahm will not have office hours over Thanksgiving break.

Week of November 5th
  • View your midterm grades here
  • Statistics from the CS106A midterm (out of 120 points) are:
    • Median = 95 (79%)
    • Mean = 90 (75%)
    • Std. Dev. = 19.1
    • Max = 118
    A histogram of the midterm results is available here.

    Midterm regrade requests should be submitted by Monday, Nov. 12 at the latest. Please submit regrade requests using the web form linked in the email you received about your graded midterm. In the event of a regrade, we reserve the right to regrade the whole exam to make sure there are no other issues.

Week of October 29th
  • The is no class lecture on Friday, November 2 to give you a day off from class to make-up for the midterm earlier this week. Hope you're all doing well!
  • The CS106A Midterm is on Tuesday, October 30th from 7pm-9pm.

    The location of the midterm is based on the first letter of your last name:

    • A - L: CEMEX Auditorium (in the Graduate School of Business)
    • M - Z: Hewlett 200

    If you emailed Mehran regarding a conflict with the regular exam, you should have already gotten email with information about the alternate exam. If you have a conflict and did not get an email from Mehran, you should notify him (via email) right away.

  • If you are interested in Ethics, Technology, and Public Policy, we (Mehran along with Rob Reich and Jeremy Weinstein from the Political Science department) will be running two interative workshops this Friday (November 2nd) at 10:30AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-2:30PM to discuss issues in Algorithmic Decision Making and Data Privacy. If you are interested in attending, please register here (you will need to login with your SUNet ID) as attendance is limited. There will be some pre-reading materials (< 50 pages) distributed in advance, so please allot some time in advance so that you can engage fully. Note: this activity is completely separate from CS106A. We only mention it here since several students in the class have indicated an interest in ethical and policy issues related to technology, so we wanted to let you know about these workshops.

Week of October 22nd
  • A Midterm Review session has been scheduled on Saturday, October 27th from 5:30pm-7:00pm in STLC 111.
  • The CS106A Midterm is on Tuesday, October 30th from 7pm-9pm.

    The location of the midterm is based on the first letter of your last name:

    • A - L: CEMEX Auditorium (in the Graduate School of Business)
    • M - Z: Hewlett 200

    If you have an unmovable academic conflict with the midterm (e.g., a class with required attendance that meets at the same time), please email Mehran by 5pm on October 22nd to let him know about the conflict. In your email please include all the times that you would be available to take an alternate midterm exam from October 29th to 31st.

Week of October 1st
  • The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) offers free tutoring services for CS106A. You can meet with an experienced peer to discuss course concepts, think through a problem set, or prepare for an upcoming exam. VPTL offers free appointment tutoring for CS 106A, in addition to tutoring for a number of other courses. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit their tutoring appointments and drop-in schedule page here.

    If you are interested in finding more information about VPTL's peer tutoring program and what tutors do, please see this web page.

Week of September 24th
  • Here is the Assignment 1 Survey

    You will need to login with your SUNet ID to access the survey.

  • CS Pathfinders is a supplementary instruction program created to increase the diversity of the undergraduate population in the School of Engineering. Students participating in the program will enroll in an additional one unit course (CR/NC) and will attend two additional 1.5 hour sections per week focused on reviewing course material and completing coding exercises to solidify understanding. Note that this is not a replacement for regular sections in CS106A. This is an additional supplementary program for students who would like additional time for review of the course material. Participants will also receive access to additional exam review sessions, one-on-one tutoring, office-hours, and other resources.

    Entry into the CS Pathfinders program is by application. You can find the application here.

    Please note that the link above is the general ACE link (i.e., it will say "Additional Calculus for Engineers" at the top), but students should select CS106A as their "ACE Course" at the bottom of the form. The application deadline for CS Pathfinders is this Friday, Sept. 28th.

    Questions about the CS Pathfinders program can be directed to TG Sido

  • Section sign-ups open at 5pm on Thursday, Sept. 27 and end at 5pm on Sunday, Sept. 30. Please make sure to sign-up for a section, as they are required for the class. The section sign-up form is available here:
  • Helper hours in Tresidder Union (1st floor) will start Sunday night (Sept. 30). CS106 helpers will be available in Tresidder (1st floor). A schedule of the section leaders staffing at Tresidder will be available here once helper hours start. The LaIR works on a queue system; you can sign up on the LaIR computer in Tresidder, and CS106 helpers will help you in the order you sign up.
  • Welcome to CS106A! The first class will meet Monday, September 24th in Hewlett 200 at 1:30pm. See you there! Note that Hewlett 201 is an overflow room, which will have a live video stream of the lecture in case there are not enough seats in Hewlett 200 (which is first come, first served).
  • Once the quarter starts, you will need to sign up a weekly 50-minute discussion section. Sign-ups for section will be open from 5pm Thursday, September 27th to 5pm Sunday, September 30th. Section signups will be available here. Note that section signups are not first-come-first-serve; all submissions in by Sunday at 5PM are treated equally.

For issues or comments on this web page, please send mail to the Head TA.